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Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico



Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it cost?

The houses and the latrine is about $6,200.  I like to see groups raise $6,500. as there are gifts and items we can only buy locally for the families.  The average cost per person for food & lodging is $55.00.  Assuming a Friday morning arrival (lunch and dinner Friday), working through Saturday night (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and breakfast Sunday morning (for those who leave Saturday night.)  Differing meal structures are available.  Some groups bring their own lunches, some like to visit local restaurants for dinner, Ect.  Lodging is $10. per person per night (no meals catered).

Note for drivers:
You will have to purchase Mexican Insurance. It is available online here.

(Scholarships are available. Email me directly if you need information on scholarships.)

Who and when do I pay?
You may pay me directly or your group leader or mail it to Baja Christian Ministries.  Make any checks payable to Baja Christian Ministries.    Please note on your check the trip date and Team Casa.  BCM is a registered non-profit.  You should be paid two weeks before the trip date.

You can now pay via PayPal  This is a no-fee to you service.  Just click on the button below and follow instructions!

What money does Team Casa get? 
All or any money you pay me goes directly to BCM. 
(Checks must be made payable to Baja Christian Ministries)
I do not profit from this in any way.  Like you, I pay all of my own expenses, including the food, lodging, fuel and insurance costs for me and my truck.

Interested in contributing?
See how on the contributions page.  Click Here

I have never done construction work, what can I do to participate?
There are many things people can do other than actually swing a hammer.  If your heart is willing and you want to help the poor - we can use you!

What can I bring for the families?
You can bring some basic house-warming type gifts like simple kitchen stuff, toys for the kids (simple outdoor type) and if you have any extra tools.
Contact me directly if you want to bring and USED CLOTHES.  They are illegal to import into Mexico without special permit.  New clothes will also require a special permit, an import tax and the tags must still be attached.  Please email me if this is your plan.

Where do we stay?
We stay at Rancho Solo. This is a private home on the South side of Tijuana.  Rancho Solo has a large assembly area for worship time, dinning hall, two small kitchens, and separate bunk houses for men and women.  It has several showers and bathrooms.  You will need a sleeping bag and pillow.

Will there be time to do any shopping?
Normally no, but if you are driving yourself or your fellow riders agree, and you want to come home later Sunday night you can shop then.  Contact me on the trip and I'll give the directions to the shopping areas.

Will our cars be safe?
On all of the trips so-far (Thank You Jesus!), we have never had a problem. There are some dirt roads we travel on but they are not to bad.

I'm unsure about driving my car in Mexico.
There is more misinformation on this subject than anything else.  We caravan to and from the border. Then from  Rancho Solo and the worksite.  If your car or truck is in good running order you will be fine.  We haven't lost anyone yet!  A CB radio really does help out, dust it off and bring it or borrow one!

Will my cell phone work?
Typically no. However, I have a Mexican cell phone and during registration, I will give you the number for emergencies.  Cellular update.  Nextel and Verizon now have roaming in Tijuana and some other US services now offer roaming in Tijuana.  Contact your cellular service provider for more details.

Should I bring a CB Radio?  If you have one, please bring it.


If you have any questions, email me and ask them.

I'll keep adding to this page.



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