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Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico



Latrine Ministry Information

The plans are subject to your interpretation. A set of plans can be  downloaded  from this site.

If you build one, please, email me a picture of the completed outhouse. Its not much of a price to pay for the free plans!

A brief history.

Recently completed latrine, one of 8 being built by Club Dust and Sierra Madre Congregational Church.

View a short movie showing the evolution and construction of a Baja Latrine

Since building latrines has become a regular part of many different groups, the ground work part of the latrine is now done by local Mexican workers under Pastor Hectors guidance

Your team will only have to build the outhouse part of the latrines and provide the toilet and seat.

After a few visits to Baja Mexico to build houses for the needy people, the Lord has lead me and others to build latrines for the people in the village of El Nino.  El Nino is so named because most of the people living there were displaced by the flooding of the recent El Nino storms.

El Nino is located 20 miles South East of Tijuana on the road to Tecate, and is a treeless desert.  There is no running water, sewers or residential electricity.  The people there are very poor.

We decided on making latrines for them without any idea on what a good latrine consists of.  After a great deal of researching  and discussing the plans with several experts, I designed a single person latrine that works very well!  Some of the ones we built almost over a year and a half latter still do not stink and the families keep them very clean.

One major hurdle was making the actual toilet.  I ended up building a prototype in my workshop with the help of Bob Allen and Monty Murphy.  We then took the mold to Fiberfab Designs in Azusa California. (626) 633-0288  (Email FiberFab)

They masterfully made a latrine toilet that is strong, clean, and easily maintained.  It is also priced right!  Complete instructions, pictures and other information are available by downloading the Latrine Plans.  I will update them as improvements are made.

We have since built over a hundred of these latrines. Now other groups have started building latrines with the house they build!  The overall cost is about $700.00 per.

If you are interested in making a donation to the ministry, contact Baja Christian Ministries.



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