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Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico


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Baja Christian Ministries
For nearly a decade, Baja Christian Ministries has been serving the physical and spiritual needs of the poor in Mexico.  For individuals and churches in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, this ministry provides an opportunity for active, first-hand service.  Duration of involvement can be one-day, a weekend, or an extended short-term mission project.  Please prayerfully take a few moments to explore this site.  Pray how God might use you to make a real difference in the lives of others.  We invite you to partner with us.  Bob Sanders, Founder

Club Dust
Club Dust/Mud members serve through the opportunity of building for extremely poor families. We believe their experience or adventure, can be life changing for Christians and non-Christians alike.
           Club Dust/Mud is different than typical mission trips.  For instance look forward to water balloons fights, whirlpools in the pool, barbecues, taco runs and optional camping in the ranch horse pasture.  The people involved interact with each other through morning bible talks, group discussions, singing & talent shows. We have a high return rate with our summer trips reaching 200+ participants. Club Mud in the winter averages 70-80 people.

Club Rust
Based in Seattle Washington, Club Rust is a Christ-centered group of men and women that travel to the cities of Tecate' and Tijuana in Northern Mexico every year to build homes for the people living in make-shift shelters.

Rancho La Paloma - Tecate Mexico - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT -
Rancho La Paloma Ministry Center (The Ranch) provides hospitality and ministry liaison in the local communities of Northern Baja California, Mexico.  Ideally suited for retreats or mission trips, the Ranch can house and feed groups of up to 150 in size.  An additional 100 people can stay in tents in the main field as well.  Our swimming pool is available May through September, and our Meals are freshly prepared on-site.

Project Mexico
Calvary Church Newport Mesa  - A very professional site.

Tom & Nancy Rach, Equip, Mexico
When someone mentions Mexico, what picture comes to your mind?  Hot, lazy afternoons with men slumbering under sombreros? 
Come explore Chiapas with us and discover new facets of Mexico as you climb our mountains, meet our friends and learn more of our unique ministry opportunity.

Only a Servant Ministries, Inc. 
Ken and Debbi Kennedy   - Texas.
Imagine living in a home made of nothing more than cardboard boxes, tied and taped together, maybe twice as big as your present bathroom, and knowing that most of your meager income goes toward renting the patch of property it’s on… Imagine that you had lived in this shaky, leaky contraption day after day, through all weather, for as long as you can remember, and have never even thought of what it would be like to live in a real home, much less own one…because you know it is so utterly impossible…

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