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Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico

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DONE! Jan 4-5 Cerritos Baptist Vicki Shinto


April Monrovia Rotary Club

6/6 6/8/08:  Bonny Nguyen

6/27 6/29/08:  Jason Miyake

8/1 8/3/08:  Anna Gob




DONE!  March 22-24 Michelle Hobby


DONE!  April 20-22 Rick Shinto


DONE! May 5-6 Woodworking Show


DONE!  May 24-25 with Global Tribes


DONE! July 13-15 Ruth Akahoshi


DONE! July 26-29 with Global Tribes or July 29 - August 3 with Teen Mania

DONE! Sep 21- 23  Victory Fellowship

DONE! Dec 26, 2005 Jan 1, 2006 - Club Mud  15 New Houses!

DONE! Jan 27-29 Sierra Madre Congregational Church 1 Home - 1 latrine

DONE! Feb 17-21 Paul & Amy Bower - Christ's Church Pasadena - 2 latrines

    Special Thanks to Doug! - 1 home & latrine

DONE! March 24-26  Ryan Haggerty, Thomas Sprinkle, North Coast Calvary Church 1 house & latrine


DONE! April 21-22  Randy Strong, Church in El Nino

DONE! May 19-21 Hope Christian Fellowship - Monty Murphy 1 Home & Latrine

                Lewis Center for Educational Research, Apple Valley CA.

                A-Cal Pest Control - Thanks!


DONE! June 21-25, 2006 Club Dust - 5 houses and latrines!

                         Cerritos Baptist   1 house and latrine


DONE! July 31 - August 5, 2006 - Baja Blast 1000  15 Homes


DONE!  Sept 22-24  Rick Matsudo, Victory Fellowship, Torrance, CA  1 home


October 20 - 22,  1 Home and latrine, Sierra Madre Congregational Church


November 17-19 Monty Murphy will lead this trip. Hope Christian Fellowship - Alhambra SDA, Praise Chapel and SMCC will join them 1 Home & Latrine


Visit some of the recent builds.

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Note for drivers:
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