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Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico



Submitted By:   Michael Budincich, D.C.

  What a pleasure and privilege it is to serve with Baja Christian Ministries this past 6-7 years.  After meeting Dave Bower in a small group study some years back, he invited me to come help build a house in Tijuana.  We have been good friends ever since, and have served this ministry of Baja Christian Ministries through Team Casa de Dios faithfully since.  I was a builder on three or four houses when I felt the Lord’s calling me to sponsor a house through my clinic and get patients and staff involved.  I did what the Lord commanded of me and was greatly blessed, and my wife and young children built with me side by side.  That house was in Vista Del Valle, and I later built a home sponsored by our clinic in an area near El Jonke (junk yard) in a desolate area with no power poles, water, or sanitation.

  This March of 2005 my patients, dear friends, and family, built a third home in San Bernardo for Vitaliano De La Cruz and his three children.  What an honor to serve faithfully with “sweat equity” with my brothers and sisters in Christ to provide a clean dry home to this blessed and needy family.  I cannot express in words what it feels like to hand the keys to a real home to a family who lived the day before on a dirt floor with no toilet, running water, or electricity. 

  The cost of this house seemed so insignificant compared to the eternal blessings that all who participated in its building felt upon its completion.  Yes, it is an effort to take a weekend away from your usual activities to get your hands dirty and sore to complete a project like this, but oooh what a reward in the Spirit!  I am honored to have been teaching my children the true meaning of serving others “in the Lord” and being a mentor to them as I lead by example.  “To he that much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48).  I have been so uncommonly blessed by the Lord in a profession that provides me so much joy and income above my basic needs as a chiropractor.  I am honored to return to the Lord’s people in need a small “in kind” gift the HE can use mightily to expand his mercy to those He chooses to touch with His Spirit of grace.

Michael N Budincich, D.C.
Chiropractic Doctor
Pasadena, California


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