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Building Houses and Latrines in Baja California Mexico



Raymond Bower

June 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Four years ago when I went down to Tijuana, Mexico,  I never though it could change my life.  I though it would be hard work, no sleep, and hanging out with my brother and some preachers. When we passed the border I realized it was nothing like that. I mean we did work hard, didn't get much sleep, and we hung out a lot together but it was a lot more then that. We built a house, only 16' x 20', for a family in need. Some played with the kids, some tried to speak Spanish, and made new friends.

God works in so many ways. He made me realize that we have a lot more then we need. I am not saying that clothes, CD's, and fancy TV's are not fun to own but that we don't need them. Parents, grandparents, teens, kids, and babies don't have all that we have and to give up a weekend of our life to help them out will truly change your life. I guarantee it. You will come back thankful for everything. I love going down to help.

Team Casa de Dios (House from God) a web site created by my brother who is dedicated his life to this Ministry. For 7 years he has been going back and forth to Mexico building homes for the needy and I am proud to call him my brother.

I just want to say that JESUS IS AWESOME!!! He has changed my life through my Mexico trips and he will change your also. HE LOVES YOU!!! I also want to say that all the workers of on all the trips I have been on are wonderful. (Pastor Hector) You have been a inspiration to me. Thank you!!!


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