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Bed project for my son and daughter-in-law.  Poplar posts + Beech for rest.

Here is the inspiration for the bed.

4" Square Poplar lower posts

top post

Beech stock


Making the patterns


Layout patterns

Turning finials for headposts

Roughing small finials for footposts

Clamping up Stock


Loose Tenons for headboard arch

Clamping headboard arch


Fitting Side top Rail

Clamping Side Rail

Clamping more stock for foot board

Typical Tenons for footboard and side rails


Gluing Headboard posts

Hand cut detail

Ready to glue finials


Side rail frames

Head & footboard frames



Foot post almost ready

Headboard getting close

Clamping more stock


Centering the post base


Slight arc on post base


Foot board clamping

Head board post base glue up

Foot board post


Full Foot board

Head board post

Head board full


Ready for Finish