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Bathroom Linen Cabinet -



Half Columns were turned on my lathe and then split in half.  In order to insure a good clean split, I glued a piece of paper between the two halves before turning.  After turning, a sharp blow from a hammer and chisel the turning split right at the paper line.  One pass over the jointer and I have two identical halves. These will go on the lower stiles, below the flutes.


After cutting the cockbeading, I fine tune the miters with a Jet 12" disk sander.


Open part of the cabinet.  Cockbeading goes around the top opening as it will not get any doors.


Clamping on the cockbeading around the doors.


Here I making my own hinge mortise templates.  I cut some 1/4" MDF and pin nailed it to some Baltic birch plywood.  Since I'm using two different sized hinges, I'm making this template two sided. 

After fitting and pining the MDF, I used the bandsaw to remove most of the waste and finished using a pattern following bit.

Fitting doors.  Brass screws. Hate 'em!


Clamping up the carcass


Crown Molding - Glued and ready for fitting and cleanup.


Half columns and waist glued - ready for cleanup.  A whole bunch of sanding is still ahead!